Birth Photography Education


Birth photography is a rapidly growing niche. Photographers see moving images of mothers bringing their baby to their chest in their newsfeeds, and it immediately draws them in and makes them want to experience what it feels like to capture inspiring moments like that. The problem is, birth photography is not just about the feel good of capturing beautiful, intimate moments. There is a learning curve involved because birth photography is very unscripted and documentary in style, especially when compared to portrait photography. And because it’s a completely different lifestyle. In addition, birth photographers have the added element of needing to understand birth and the birth space. Between navigating a birth space, working around other birth workers, handling unpredictable lighting and birth outcomes, and getting used to life on call, there is much to be considered. This is why birth photography education is important.  

I have been speaking, teaching and mentoring the last few years... and not just within the birth photography industry. I had the opportunity to teach/speak at The Baby Summit, where newborn and maternity photographers flock in droves. Witnessing and being a part of that enthusiastic environment made so many things clear to me.  We have much growth in front of us in the birth photography community. And we are babies in this big photography world. Many of us are struggling to get clients, struggling to make ends meet, struggling to find our voice/style, and struggling to be appreciated for the very niche skills this industry requires. But, we are also not quite as invested in ourselves, educationally, as our more established sister communities.

Here at Birthbound we host online classes focusing on the art and business of birth photography.  Our purpose is to help birth photographers grow individually, and the birth photography community to grow collectively. In our facebook group, Birthbound Photographer | Learn and Grow, we discuss everything from the basics of birth photography, to the importance of self care. Birth work by nature is depleting. Conversations like “pricing yourself out of burn out”, “refilling your cup” and “nurturing your creativity” fulfill our educational needs and encourage a supportive birth photography community. 

Our instructors are hand picked based years of experience, personal success, diversity of style, and of course passion, drive and a genuine desire to boost the birth photography industry. We are working towards providing certification to students via our growing learning library. Our certification board includes a midwife, nurse, and doula, who are all birth photographers too. The goal of certification is to raise the bar for birth photographers in terms of respect for the birth environment, charging a sustainable wage and elevating the photography skills of artists and birth workers alike. As experts in birth, photography, business, SEO, marketing and branding you’re getting a full scope of education from industry leaders who all happen to be active birth photographers, as well.

With Birthbound, one can learn from some of the most experienced leaders in the industry, from the comfort of their own home. Birth photographers have a difficult time getting away for multi-day workshops and conferences. So we are excited to provide an alternative educational platform that better fits the on-call lifestyle. 

Whether you want to transition your business from portrait to documentary, or learn birth photography from scratch, our classes will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to succeed.