Rebecca Coursey

How to Break the Rules Like an Artist
*Labor Progression

Rebecca Coursey is a birth and documentary photographer living in California. She is also a mother and a doula. When she was little, shaped by the Colorado mountains she grew up in, she dreamed of being able to craft tales about the way she saw the world around her. Today, her life is sculpted by this dream, made full by both the artist and mother in her. She now lives in Los Angeles with her merry brood, exploring the mountains of the human heart through her lens. 

Rebecca loves teaching and guiding others on their artistic journey. She has been teaching a birth photography class with Summer Murdock's Illuminate Classes since 2016. She taught and presented at The Family Narrative in NOLA in 2017; and presented this February, 2018, at Click Away | Amelia Island. She believes that when you fundamentally know the way birth works and are open to your artist's heart, you can make magic in your imagery. Her published and commercial work includes both online articles with companies such as SayYes and HuffPost; as well as in print magazines and spreads, including Midwifery Today, Kindred Magazine and Long Way Home.She won first place in 2018 in the Labor category for both the IAPBP and BBH as well as was awarded "Member's Choice" for IAPBP.


We all understand the rule of thirds and the active space rule, but where's the fun in that? Rebecca Coursey is going to get you Birthbound photographers shooting outside the box with her enlightening class about breaking all those rules in all the right ways. Since she is also a doula, Rebecca offers a class on labor progression, helping newer birth photographers know “when to go”.

*“Labor Progression” is available for single purchase.