Jessica Miles

Hospital Birth: When Things Don’t Go As Expected

I live in sunny Bradenton, Florida with my husband, two teenage boys and 2 Maltese furbabies. I am a Registered Nurse, nationally certified in Inpatient Obstetrics with a passion for women’s health and birth photography. Due to illness, over the past year, I stopped doing direct patient care and after a long leave of absence from work, recently returned to work with the hospital’s education department on a limited basis. I also discovered a love for self-portrait photography during this time. It took me a while to admit that without feeling vain, but I realize it’s been cathartic and has given me a creative outlet all the times I have been unable to leave my home. I have an unhealthy addiction to Hallmark Christmas movies…even in July and cannot function without my morning cup of coffee. I shop mostly from flea markets and thrift stores and have a deep appreciation for all things vintage.

Jessica is a ClickPro and multi-time winner of Shoot&Share. See her 1st place photo below from the 2019 competition.