Jaydene Freund

Wait For It
Birth Shot Lists - ON SALE BELOW*

Jaydene is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada and is the photographer behind Cradled Creations. She received a bachelor of arts in 2006 with a focus on political science and marketing. She began photographing births in 2009, and has since captured over 150 birth stories during the last 9 years. 

She co-founded Canadian Birth Photographers in 2011 and has deeply enjoyed watching the birth photography industry grow and change women's perspectives on their birth options and choices.

She won "Image of the Year" in 2017 from International Association of Professional Birth Photographers and has been published in Midwifery Today, Click Magazine, Vancouver Sun, and Canadian Family. Her documentary birth film footage has also been featured in Huggies commercials and documentary films.

Her favourite aspect of shooting births is watching how women process their birth stories and see themselves as more powerful than they did before. Jaydene's perfectly timed images make us want to know all her secrets! Thankfully she is going to teach us how important it is to be more patient behind the camera. Her first class for Birthbound, “Wait For It”, was all about anticipating moments, not overshooting and being decisive yet thoughtful about your shots in the sacred birth space. Her second class, “Birth Shot Lists”, gives a little peek into her must have shots for each birth scenario.

*BIRTH SHOT LISTS is available for single purchase.