Natasha Hance & Amanda Gipson

Essential Birth Editing Tools + Birth Photography for Newborn Photographers

Natasha and Amanda have a unique story on how they came to be Birth Unscripted. The journey began roughly 12 years ago. Natasha (starting as NHance Photography) and Amanda (as Amanda Gipson Photography) backed each other up for years, before their team was born. Now together, they have documented hundreds of births and are pioneers in the industry that helped pave the way for future birth photographers.  

They were among the first to start a birth photography partnership and love talking about how finding the right business partner not only benefits your business, but also your family. They have a portrait studio and office space inside of a birth center in Dallas, TX, and have mastered the balance of portraiture and the on call life. Their mantra? "Work smarter, not harder”.  

Birth Unscripted's award winning work has been internationally published and televised. When they aren’t documenting births or

working in the studio they can be found spending time with their families. Natasha is a mother of 5 and recently moved out of the city toleap into farm life. She loves her new lifestyle. Amanda is a mother of 2 and also a proud surrogate. She loves helping people and being involved with her community. Although different in many ways, the two compliment each other and they are able to use those qualities to relate to their long list of devoted clients.

Natasha and Amanda's work is clean, crisp and perfectly lit. Having mastered both portrait and documentary genres, we are beyond excited to learn a few of their tricks about editing and navigating these two specialties flawlessly in their TWO classes, "Essential Birth Editing Tools" and "Birth Photography for Newborn Photographers".