Ashley Marston

The Benefits of Shooting For You Workflow: Start to Finish - ON SALE BELOW*

If you're a documentary photographer, then you are probably familiar with Ashley Marston's work. That is why we are THRILLED to have her talk to us about how documenting her family balances her out and influences her birth work in her class "The Benefits of Shooting for You". Ashley’s newest class, “Workflow Start to Finish”, is sure to benefit new and seasoned birth photographers alike.

Love and laughter comprise the primary subject matter for the Vancouver Island-based photographer. An award-winning and published Birth, Lifestyle & Documentary photographer (and busy mother of three), Marston strives for images that capture those two staples of family relationships, as well as the quiet moments that might otherwise go unseen. Always seeing life through a lens, Marston also photographs her own family daily, cherished images she shares on Social Media through her year-long A Daily Occurrence project. Whether the photographs capture moments with her family or a client, storytelling is the heart of all her work.

Ashley's work has been seen on the Huffington Post, National Geographic “Daily Dozen”, ABC News, BabyCenter, Rangfinder Magazine, Click Magazine, Todays Parent Magazine, The Today Show, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail, Redbook Magazine & Women’s Day.

*Ashley’s WORKFLOW is available for single purchase.