Lora Denton

Birth Photography Through the Eyes and Heart of a Midwife

I started my journey into birth work in 2009, just after having my second child.  I had 2 simple, uncomplicated pregnancies and hospital births with all the bells and whistles and luck and I didn’t see why anyone would desire anything different. That all changed when my best friend invited me to her home birth and I offered to take pictures (while secretly thinking she was nuts).  What happened that day changed my entire view of birth.  Here was my friend, calm and serene, peacefully sitting in a fishy pool, her husband close at her side, midwives at the ready but calmly observing.  When the baby was born, he got a bit sticky at the shoulder, but the midwives were able to give him a little help and my friend reached down and lifted her baby into her arms and got to meet him entirely on her own time. She slowly touched his tiny fingers, examined his body, top to bottom, caressed his soft downy hair, noted how much he looked like his sister when she was born, all with her husband  with his arms around them both.  A light switch was flipped on that day, alove affair with a life transition that I couldn’t define or explain, but it was beautiful and life changing.  From there, I started to reach out to other photographers exploring this idea. Google didn’t yield me many contacts, but I met a fellow photog on a photography board and when I posted my pictures, she reached out and we started to navigate this crazy world of birth photography together (Y’all go say hi to

Natasha Hance, she’s amazing!).  Those first few years were spent attending all different kinds of births, meeting so many families, watching sweet babies take their first breath and learning about the full impact of the on-call lifestyle.  In 2011, I felt an aching in my gut. I had been told by many midwives, nurses and doctors that I was a born midwife, a natural. I’m not entirely sure that’s true, but it gave me the confidence to reach out to the most experienced midwife in the area and ask her if she’d be willing to precept me.  She agreed and took me under her wing. Her first recommendation was to work as a doula and to read as much as I could get my hands on.  I gladly obliged and have spent the last 8 years firmly tucked under her wing, even as I finished my midwifery certification.  Birth is a big deal, it’s a privilege and honor to be invited to that sacred space and I’m even more honored to share my journey with photographers looking to enter into the wonderful world of Birth Photography!

I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC and live here with my 2 kiddos and my Ugly Naked Dog (he’s a Chinese Crested and has no illusions that he’s a handsome dude), and 15 houseplants and counting...