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How to Charge Appropriately for Birth Photography

So you’ve fallen in love with shooting births, but what in the world should you be charging for this?? Well, we’re glad you asked. Laura Paulescu of Crowned Photography shares her tips for charging a sustainable wage.

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Do you suffer from compassion fatigue?

When I first heard the term "compassion fatigue" it resonated with me because I have a daughter who suffers from anxiety and depression, and who for a long time depended almost solely on me to get through the day. Upon further reflection of the term I realized it is common among birth professionals as well.

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Self Care for the Creative You

Not many people think about “caring” for their creativity. We take it for granted, we try to control it, or force it to perform when we want it to, and train it to do as we say. This might yield good results at first… but it will ultimately send us on a hunting frenzy for the next high. “Hustle hard” they say. But what is at stake if we don’t also allow time to recuperate?

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