Black + White Photo Love

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"Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive." - Eliott Erwitt

A good black + white photo is a staple in birth photography. Crap lighting? Black + white to the rescue. Busy background? Black + white to the rescue. Too much blood? Black + white to the rescue.

Let's not cheapen the impact of a great black + white photograph, though. The great Ansel Adams devoted his whole career to showing that a good black + white photograph had a purity that color photographs did not. While Henri Matisse called black the "queen of all colors".

As birth photographers, we not only love the forgiveness of black + white photography, but we love a striking black + white photograph that captures depth and tonality.

Furthermore, a strong black + white photograph has become the marker of a good storyteller. When the moment captured is scroll-stopper enough without the lure of the latest color trends, you have arrived, my friend.

Speaking of scroll-stoppers, check out these gorgeous images from the Birthbound Learn and Grow Facebook Community group. Many of these were processed using Birthbound’s new BW Birth preset, part of a set that will be released in the coming months.

Featured below, in order:

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Melissa Helmick The Photographic Storyteller
Jennifer Vilcan Bumping Good Time Photography
Lexi Meisenholder Photography by Lexi M
Maggie Cuprisin Chicago Motherhood Photographer
Leilani Rogers, Photographer
Hayden Trace Home Again Birth Doula Care
Ashley Marston Photography
Sarah Boccolucci Photography + Birth Services
Rebecca Coursey, Los Angeles Birth Photographer+Doula
Nicole Burmeister NicoleInBold, LLC
Jessica Miles
Amanda McGhee Kimberlin Gray Photography
Jessica Clark Jessie Photo Doula
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