Here’s how it all began…


Hello there...

My name is Leilani Rogers. I have been photographing births since 2011. I began speaking and teaching at live conferences three years ago and just fell in love with being face to face with other photographers and sharing my experiences with them. I immediately recognized that there was a need for more unique learning opportunities for birth photographers, specifically. We have so much growth in front of us. We are babies in this big photography world, trying to keep up with our big brothers and sisters in the family, maternity and newborn industries. But, they have been around much longer than us. And to be honest, the work we do is so vastly different that it calls for its own platform. Many of us are struggling to make ends meet, struggling to find our voice/style, struggling to be recognized and appreciated for the very niche skills this industry requires. It. is. tough. We need more guidance tailored to our unique challenges. Lighting, composition, storytelling, not to mention, self care, price sustainability and work ethic. Having professionals within our niche teaching us about all those things just makes sense.

In order to grow this little specialty of ours, we must become more invested in ourselves, in our craft, in our business and in our reputation. Become exact technicians with our work. Get legit with our business set-up. And perhaps most importantly, recognize that birth photography is not just a job, but a lifestyle... and that the art of living an on call lifestyle includes carving out (and making the most of) off call time. 

Of course, the on call demands of this gig means not leaving town very often (if at all). So taking the in-person learning experience and putting it online just makes sense. My hope is that Birthbound will provide an environment where we all just want to dig in and get better. Do better. I always say... I have never felt like I "arrived". Not amidst all the media attention, speaking and publication opportunities, and awards I've been blessed with. I want to continue to grow, and I want to inspire you to want to continue to grow. To challenge yourself. To challenge each other. And even, to challenge me.