Hello there...

My name is Leilani Rogers. I live in Austin, TX with my husband (married 22 years now) and 4 children (ages 13-20). I collect plants (98 and counting) and cats (2 and done). I’m also a musician and former dancer! I have been photographing births since 2011. I began speaking and teaching at live conferences four years ago and fell completely in love with being face to face with other photographers and sharing my experiences with them.

Birthbound Photographer is the product of many years of watching this little industry of ours grow. I remember the first time my work was published and how it amazing it felt for birth photography to be publicly recognized as a legit art form. It’s taken quite a few years to get where we are today. The work began long before I photographed my first birth, and I am grateful to the birth photographers who came before me. They broke the ground; we are paving the path.

There is a lot of growth in front of us still. I hope Birthbound Photographer becomes a place where birth photographers feel nurtured and driven to work smarter. A place where we challenge each other to raise the standards that weigh our communities down... burn out, unsustainable wages, lack of proper training (to name a few). We are not average photographers… this work requires exceptional skill and understanding! And I have complete confidence that our amazing list of instructors (meet them here) can help you grow in all these ways and more.