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Learn the business, grow as an artist.

The birthbound photographer defined as a confident artist and prepared business owner.

Do your remember the moment it
first hit you?

The moment you knew, without question,
that you wanted to be a birth photographer?

You were excited to provide gorgeous images to families at the most pivotal moment of their lives. Being a birth photographer is a job dreams are made of - babies, empowering women, a spontaneous lifestyle, and creativity at a moments notice. Until you end up tired, questioning your work, and wondering where the next client will come from. (Really, we have all been there!)

Being a birth photographer is not as easy as it seems…

… you feel like you put everyone else’s family before your own & you’re struggling to make ends meet.
… you’re so busy trying to get clients that there is no time to improve your craft.
… your clients are unclear as to why birth photography matters (why don’t they get it?)
… you feel glued to your computer & have no time to enjoy your life.

If you can relate to any of these then keep reading, this retreat is definitely for you, my friend.

Firstly, none of this is your fault!

HERE’S THE PROBLEM…Facebook alone can’t teach you how to be an amazing photographer or artist!

So we are here to help you fill in the gaps.


A multitude of topics


10 amazing artists and business owners
ready to share their seasoned knowledge!

Get ready for the most comprehensive learning library available
on any birth photography educational platform.


Our instructors are strong storytellers, skilled technicians, and successful business owners. 

(click on each one for more information)


All birth photographers should join Birthbound, especially those who are…

  • Committed to honoring the birth space.

  • Interested in improving client satisfaction.

  • Driven charge a sustainable wages.

  • Ready to hone your strengths and own your unique voice.

  • Wanting to become a more exact technician with your work.

  • Open to refining your storytelling skills.

  • Wanting to work smarter, not harder.

  • Ready to get legit with your business set-up and learn how to run a killer website.

  • Driven to connect with your audience on a visual level. Make them see what you see. Feel what you feel.

We want to enhance your knowledge of the art of photography as it pertains to birth, not the other way around.


Are you ready to be inspired and take your birth photography business to the next level?

Learn from some of the top birth photography mentors who are ready to share their knowledge and passion for birth photography education.

Birthbound Offers:

  • A multitude of classes from different instructors!

  • A varied perspective on the art and business of birth photography.

  • Exclusive Facebook Group, to further explore class topics with your peers AND the instructors!

  • Lifetime access to video classes.

  • A conference-like experience, ALL ONLINE!

  • Virtual swag bag with great offers from our sponsors! (See Below)

  • Freedom to learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home!

We would like to thank our sponsors for supporting our growing community!
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