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What makes Birthbound Photographer different?


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A vast collection of great articles written for and about birth photography.

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A monthly subscription to muliple video classes and other great downloadable material.

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One off classes, templates, presets and more.

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Meet the Founder

My name is Leilani Rogers. I started Birthbound Photographer after teaching and speaking at various photography conferences for birth and newborn photographers. I realized after those experiences that birth photographers are in need of their own educational platform, catered to their on call lifestyle and professional needs. So I’ve taken my 8 years of experience photographing births, coupled it with my love for teaching others how to reach their photography goals, and created this special space just for the birth photography community.


Birthbound Photographer is a platform designed to elevate, educate and encourage professional birth photographers. Our mission is to inspire this calling and build a community of birth photographers eager to connect more meaningfully in and outside the birth space - with themselves, their clients, providers and their families. We believe respect and sustainability come from both creativity and knowledge. 


Our Resource Library offers:

•2-3 video and downloadable resources per month

•a well rounded team of instructors

•no time limits

•an exclusive facebook group

•freedom to learn anytime, anywhere

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Between ever-changing algorithms and a company’s drive to capitalize on their community, more and more users are feeling disillusioned with social media.


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Self Care For The Creative You

Not many people think about “caring” for their creativity. We take it for granted, we try to control it, or force it to perform when we want it to, and train it to do as we say. This might yield good results at first… but it will ultimately send us on a hunting frenzy for the next high. “Hustle hard” they say. But what is at stake if we don’t also allow time to recuperate?

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